Trial by Jury

 Set in a court of law; Edwin has jilted Angelina- she is heartbroken and seeks redress. Having listened to learned counsel the members of the jury sympathise with Angelina and the judge proposes his own solution to the case…..


  • The Learned Judge                    Bruce Deakin

  • The Plaintiff                                Victoria Goulden

  • The Defendant                           Tony Meehan

  • Counsel for the Plaintiff             Fran Davies

  • Usher                                           Ken Rees

  • Foreman of the Jury                   Edward Magenty


Ruth Harrop, Martyna Raniszewska, Julia Sutton.

Members of the Jury:

Mel Bailey, Allen Christey-Casson, Lorraine Dakin, Bill Dutton, David Griffiths, Richard Lewis, Rob McGee, Derek Morris, ALison Rawlinson, Gill Rees, Rupert Rees.

Public Gallery:

John Avery, Marjorie Bailey, Ann Batchelor, Sue Bradley, Winston Carmichael, Paul Dainton, Kath Freeborn, Peter Freeborn, Rosalie Garner, Dave Harrop, Viv Hilton, Catherine Kay, David Kay, Monica King, Margaret Laithwaite, Ursula Lightford, Elsa McGhee, Janet Rees, David Reeves, Eileen Reeves, Jean Richardson, Susan Shaw.

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